Primary Education

Fostering Academic Excellence and Character Development


At McCarthy Hill School, our Primary Department offers a dynamic and comprehensive educational experience that combines the globally recognized Pearson Edexcel iPrimary and iLower Secondary curricula with elements of Ghanaian content to provide a well-rounded learning journey for our students. Rooted in the UK's largest awarding organization, Pearson Edexcel, our curriculum is designed to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for success in an ever-evolving global landscape.

The primary focus of our curriculum is to provide a solid foundation in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science, ensuring that students develop essential literacy and numeracy skills from an early age. In addition to these foundational subjects, our curriculum encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including Computing, History, Geography, Global Citizenship, Creative Arts, Design and Technology, Music, and Physical Education.

Learning Environment

Our spacious and interactive classrooms are designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and early social interactions. We understand the unique needs of young learners and provide a setting that promotes growth in every aspect.

Curriculum Overview

Primary Education Curriculum at McCarthy Hill School

At McCarthy Hill School, our Primary Education curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive and holistic learning experience that nurtures the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of each student. Rooted in the globally recognized Pearson Edexcel iPrimary and iLower Secondary frameworks, our curriculum combines rigorous academic standards with innovative teaching methodologies to foster a love for learning and equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Core Subjects:

  1. English: Our English curriculum focuses on developing language proficiency, reading comprehension, writing skills, and effective communication through a diverse range of literary texts, language activities, and writing exercises.

  2. Mathematics: Mathematics education at McCarthy Hill School emphasizes problem-solving, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning. Students engage in hands-on activities, real-world applications, and mathematical investigations to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.

  3. Science: Our Science curriculum aims to cultivate scientific inquiry, curiosity, and exploration. Students learn about the natural world, scientific phenomena, and the scientific method through interactive experiments, investigations, and inquiry-based learning experiences.

Additional Subjects: 4. Computing: Students develop digital literacy, computational thinking, and coding skills through hands-on activities, coding projects, and technology-enhanced learning experiences.

  1. History: Our History curriculum explores key historical events, figures, and civilizations, fostering an appreciation for the past and an understanding of how historical events have shaped the world we live in today.

  2. Geography: Geography education focuses on spatial awareness, environmental sustainability, and global citizenship. Students learn about the physical features of the Earth, human geography, and environmental issues through maps, fieldwork, and geographical investigations.

  3. Global Citizenship: Our Global Citizenship curriculum promotes cross-cultural understanding, social responsibility, and ethical decision-making. Students explore global issues, human rights, and sustainable development goals to develop empathy and a sense of global awareness.

  4. Creative Arts: The Creative Arts curriculum encompasses visual arts, performing arts, and creative expression. Students explore various artistic mediums, techniques, and cultural traditions to unleash their creativity and self-expression.

  5. Design and Technology: Students engage in design thinking, problem-solving, and innovation through hands-on design projects and technology-based activities. They learn about the design process, engineering principles, and technological advancements.

  6. Music: Our Music curriculum introduces students to the fundamentals of music theory, appreciation, and performance. Students develop musical skills, creativity, and cultural appreciation through singing, playing instruments, and music composition.

  7. Physical Education: Physical Education promotes health, fitness, and well-being through a range of physical activities, sports, and games. Students develop motor skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship while fostering a lifelong commitment to physical fitness.

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