Guidance & Counselling

Nurturing Minds, Fostering Growth

From Our Counsellor

McCarthy Hill School values the collaboration between parents and teachers. Join our dynamic Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), where we work together to create a supportive and enriching environment for our students. Your involvement is crucial in shaping the McCarthy Hill School experience.

Our Approach

Mental Health Awareness

McCarthy Hill School is committed to fostering a supportive environment that prioritizes mental health and well-being.

Individualized Support

Our experienced guidance counselors provide one-on-one sessions to address personal, academic, and emotional concerns.

Services Offered

Academic Guidance
Academic Guidance
Receive personalized advice on course selection, study strategies, and academic goal-setting.
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Emotional Support
Emotional Support
Our counselors are here to listen, offering a safe space for students to express their feelings and concerns.
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Career Counseling:
Career Counseling:
Explore career options, receive guidance on college and career planning, and access resources for future endeavors.

Connect with Our Counselors

Schedule a Session: If you or your child would like to schedule a counselling session, reach out to our guidance counselors