Extracurricular Activities

Nurturing Minds, Fostering Growth

At McCarthy Hill School, we’re all about helping you become a more well-rounded person. Our extracurricular activities are designed to let you dive into your interests, learn new things, and maybe even discover a new passion that sticks with you for life. So come join us and explore all the exciting options we have to offer!


Our art program encourages students to unleash their creativity and express themselves through various mediums such as painting, drawing, and sculpting. Under the guidance of experienced art instructors, students learn fundamental techniques while exploring their own unique artistic style. From vibrant canvases to intricate sculptures, our art students showcase their talents in regular exhibitions and competitions, gaining recognition for their creativity and innovation.


In our cookery classes, students embark on a culinary journey where they learn the art of cooking and baking. From mastering basic cooking techniques to experimenting with international cuisines, students develop valuable culinary skills and a passion for food preparation. Through hands-on cooking sessions and interactive demonstrations, students not only create delicious dishes but also learn about nutrition, food safety, and kitchen etiquette. Whether they aspire to be future chefs or simply enjoy cooking as a hobby, our cookery program offers a fulfilling and enriching experience for all.


Our cultural dance program celebrates diversity and promotes cultural appreciation through the art of dance. Students have the opportunity to learn traditional dance styles from various cultures and regions, immersing themselves in rich cultural traditions and heritage. Through rehearsals, performances, and cultural showcases, students not only develop their dance skills but also gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, fostering mutual respect and understanding among peers.


The Girl Guides program empowers young girls to develop essential life skills, leadership qualities, and a sense of responsibility through a range of outdoor activities, community service projects, and skill-building workshops. Guided by experienced leaders, Girl Guides engage in activities such as camping, hiking, first aid training, and team-building exercises, fostering confidence, resilience, and camaraderie among participants. Through the Girl Guides program, girls learn valuable lessons about teamwork, self-reliance, and service to others, preparing them to become confident and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.


Our Language Club offers students the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of languages and cultures through interactive lessons, cultural activities, and language immersion experiences. Students can choose from a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Mandarin, and more, allowing them to broaden their linguistic horizons and gain valuable communication skills in today’s globalized world. Through language games, conversation practice, and cultural celebrations, students develop fluency, cultural competence, and a lifelong love for language learning.


The music program at McCarthy Hill School provides students with a platform to discover their musical talents, express themselves creatively, and appreciate the beauty of music in its various forms. From learning to play musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin, and drums to vocal training and ensemble performances, students receive comprehensive music education tailored to their interests and abilities. Through rehearsals, recitals, and concerts, students develop their musical abilities, build confidence, and cultivate a lifelong passion for music.


Our needlework program offers students the opportunity to learn traditional needlecraft skills such as sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students explore various needlework techniques and create beautiful handmade projects ranging from clothing and accessories to decorative items and gifts. Through hands-on practice and creative expression, students develop fine motor skills, patience, and attention to detail, while also discovering the satisfaction of making something by hand.


Our sports program offers students the opportunity to stay active, develop physical fitness, and cultivate important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship through a variety of athletic activities and competitive sports. From team sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball to individual sports such as athletics, swimming, and tennis, students can choose from a wide range of sports options tailored to their interests and abilities. Through regular practice sessions, friendly competitions, and sports events, students not only improve their physical health and athletic abilities but also learn valuable lessons about leadership, resilience, and fair play.


Make a splash in our swimming program! Students learn essential water safety skills, stroke techniques, and aquatic fitness in our indoor swimming pool. With certified instructors and small class sizes, students progress at their own pace and build confidence in the water. Whether you’re learning to swim or training for competitions, our swimming program provides a supportive environment for aquatic achievement.


The art of self-defense and discipline with Tae Kwon Do! Students learn the principles of this Korean martial art, including kicks, punches, and forms. With experienced instructors and a focus on respect and perseverance, students develop physical fitness, mental focus, and self-confidence. Join us and embark on a journey of personal growth and martial arts mastery!


Unleash your inner innovator with our Tech Kids program! Students explore technology and coding through hands-on projects, robotics challenges, and coding workshops. From building robots to designing video games, students develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and digital literacy. With access to cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, students become creators of the future in our Tech Kids program.

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